Hi Kristen, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday! Now I feel ready to overhaul the entire early childhood education system. Ha! So many improvements and so little time – goodness. I am very excited about all the opportunities that lie ahead for us collaborating together. If you can think of anything else I can do for you. I would really love to see you working with [name withheld] Schools in a larger capacity somehow. Talk to you soon!

Cheryl B.

I wanted to personally thank you for a fantastic Parents as Partners Workshop last night. The speaker was amazing and I learned so much about vocabulary/language development in infants to toddlers (even being a teacher myself). I think we were all surprised/shocked at the research shared about the ineffectiveness of baby videos! I would encourage more parents to attend future workshops...ours lasted about 40 minutes. It was VERY informative and so worth the time!

Christy P.

Kristen Boyd has a special knack for motivating others, providing valuable resources to educators and is an expert in analyzing information. She has a repertoire of tricks to share that help learners grasp information with ease. She has a wealth of knowledge. I encourage anyone to seek her out as her love of making a difference is contagious! As a fellow literacy specialist, I highly recommend Kristen to parents, educators and administrators alike.

Keila F.Reading Specialist

You have not missed a beat in your masterful delivery of information. Thank you for your presentation and sharing the results of the feedback you received.

Christy P.School Principal

Kristen Boyd was the "go to" person on our staff when we were in need of strategies for instruction. She would work with teachers to build our students' reading and writing confidence. She also helped to lessen anxiety for some students, by creating fun and engaging activities. She was adept at being able to pinpoint a weakness and personalize the instruction to target those skills quickly and effectively.

Susan F., B.S. MEd.National Board Certified Teacher, Middle Childhood Generalist, Teacher Support Specialist

It was so nice to see you again. We had a great time learning about ages and stages as well as having fun!!! The teachers where all talking about the class this morning.

Anne S.Director